Bagel & Sourdough Menu
"All Bagels and Sourdough Bread are made fresh in-house every morning"


Bagel with butter or jam
Sourdough with butter
or with choice of jam or vegemite
Cream Cheese   
Hummus & Haloumi     
Avocado & Feta 
marinated with herbs, olive oil & cherry tomato
bacon, egg and cheddar cheese   
Bacon & Egg 
rocket, tomato & house relish  (BERT)   
Classic BLT   
bacon, egg,rocket, tomato & homemade chutney
Egg & Salad 
 hummus, tomato, carrot, capsicum & cucumber
The Vegan 
 hummus, capsicum, tomato, lettuce, chives with
choice of tempeh or avocado
The B.E.C.
bacon,egg & cheddar cheese
 corned beef, cheddar cheese, pickle & home-made aioli







Avocado/Haloumi/Bacon    $3.00  
Egg                                        $2.00
Cheddar Cheese/Hummus  $1.00  
 Salad                                    $0.50  
Gluten free Bread                 $1.00
(eggs are from pasture-raised chickens & bacon is nitrate free)
All Bagels and Sandwiches come with choice of BBQ, Tomato, Sweet Chilli, Aioli or house relish.
Ray's Bagels
We also have a range of delicious sweet treats to enjoy with your coffee