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Single Origin

Co-op cerro Azul Blue zone
Costa Rica
Nicoya Peninsula

Cupping notes:
bright, cocoa, lovely acidity, stone fruits, buttery

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Saturday: 6am - 12pm

Wikka Organic Blend Coffee
Wikka Organic Blend Coffee
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Wikka Organic Blend Coffee

Our Organic Blend includes coffee from Columbia and Tanzania, but is primarily based on a PNG Fair Trade Organic coffee from the Okapa region.

Organically grown coffee takes into consideration the whole ecosystem – soil, plants, animals, people and the environment and encourages sustainability.

Organic and Fair Trade certifications are complementary and both show a joint commitment from farmers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers to social and environmental responsibility.

Blend Profile 

Flavour: sweet, delicate floral with notes of blackcurrant and toasted nut, with a lingering finish. A well-rounded, medium to full bodied coffee.

Aroma: the dry aroma has the same sweet scent as that of a plantation in flower.

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