About Q Roasters

At Q Roasters we source coffee from producers that endorse Organic, Fair Trade Organic and Rainforest Alliance practices, or from Estates which support sustainable agriculture. Coffee is one of the most heavily traded commodities in the world and the Fair Trade, RFA and Organic movement has worked hard to improve the quality of life for farmers, their communities and the environment that surrounds them. Our commitment to purchasing these green coffees reinforces our dedication to the environment and the farmers whilst providing our customers with a superior quality coffee. 

Q Roaster’s passionate relationship with coffee stems from a life-time of association with coffee production. Lee Mary was born in Papua New Guinea and grew up in the middle of the Wahgi Valley coffee-growing region in the PNG Highlands. Her family worked in the industry, supporting local small holder and small estate growers to obtain better yields and returns from their coffee. As a child growing up in this area, she would pick coffee to earn money whilst on school holidays.

Lachlan grew up in country Queensland and moved to Papua New Guinea at the age of 21 to work in the coffee industry. In the ensuing 10 years Lachlan learned how to grow, process, roast and blend coffee and developed an ongoing appreciation of quality origin coffees. Through much experimentation and practice Lachlan explored the science of coffee blending to create a truly great coffee.

Roasted coffee beans

Lachlan then continued to refine his skills with a local roasting company and is currently a registered Australian Q Grader and International Coffee Judge. He judges both green and roasted beans, as well as wet coffee at the Sydney Royal show, and has participated as a member of the Cup of Excellence panel of judges in Brazil. He is also a board member for ACTA (Australian Coffee Traders Association), looking after the interests of the Australian Coffee Industry.

At Q Roasters, the coffee we source is produced with a social, economic and environmental sustainability. We are driven to maintain the consistency and quality of these specialty coffees through roasting and cupping.

Coffee is our craft and our passion. Everything we do is about creating and maintaining a connection from the source to you.