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Vietnam Robusta
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Vietnam Robusta

Bean Details

Country Vietnam
Screen Size/Grade Grade 1 
Acidity Mild
Body Bold, Lasting
Flavour Intense, Bitter
Aroma Cocoa, Rich
Bag Size 60kg
    This is a natural robusta grown mainly in DakLak / Lam Dong Provinces in the Central Highlands between 600-1000masl. The farms are small holdings mainly around 0.5 hectares but some larger at 3-4 hectares. This is one of the best grades to come out of Vietnam – processed to a high spec using mechanical grading, then polished and often given a once over by hand pickers to ensure minimum defects. The coffee is harvested between November and February.
    Once harvested, by hand, it is dried out in the sun, sometimes on the bare ground, even out on the streets but more often on patios and tarpaulins. Once dry it is stored in sacks in the cherry pods. The farmer then hulls the dry cherry as and when he needs it to sell on to an agent who in turn will collect up more significant volumes and sell to the processors and exporters. The coffee is then run through a machine which turns the coffee like a tumble dryer so that the friction of bean on bean causes any extra dirt or dried pulp to come off. This produces a much softer, cleaner cup.
    Coffee is more often than not shade grown and intercropped with fruit trees, ground vegetables and herbs and other plants. The Vietnamese are particularly good at gardening and keep good care of their plantations which are lush and green. Larger farms tend to be more monoculture with less shade but Robusta is pretty tough and can take full sunshine.



    Robust, intense, clean, chocolate

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