Do you love strong coffee? Why we've chosen to roast a robusta coffee.

Do you love strong coffee? Why we've chosen to roast a robusta coffee.

The competition between robusta and arabica coffee is a bit like the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari. On account of it's stronger and unpolished taste, robusta coffee has long been viewed as the poor cousin to the more sophisticated flavours of arabica. But these pre-conceptions are changing and robusta is stepping into the limelight.

At Q Roasters, our master roaster; Lachie has been quietly working on JIWAKA  a new blend that showcases just how wonderful robusta coffee can be.

"The name JIWAKA comes from the region in Papua New Guinea where my wife; Lee Mary grew up. It is a traditional fighting ground and for me the name inspired me to look for a coffee that represented strength and power" says Lachie.

Using green bean from Elk Hill Estate, India, Lachie has created Jiwaka for lovers of strong coffee.

"Jiwaka; with robusta's naturally high caffeine content, is ideal for people who love a really good strong coffee hit and if you are making coffee at home I'd recommend you use Jiwaka as an espresso or long black", says Lachie.

Since this new robusta blend was released in April 2021, customers have been giving some amazing feedback. One described the taste as 'biting into a block of dark fruit and nut chocolate'. If you'd like to taste for yourself, Jiwaka is available as freshly roasted beans or ground to suit your home appliance.






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