QRoasters Finca Rain Forest Alliance approved

QRoasters Finca Rain Forest Alliance approved

How do we protect the Amazon?

 Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is vital to global climate stability and home to 1 million Indigenous people and countless plant and animal species. Its survival is critical to our collective future. Recent fire storms in the Amazon have put rainforest protection onto government agendas world-wide.

 The issue of environmental decline is so enormous that as individuals we can feel powerless to affect change. The simplest approach is just to be more aware and make choices where we can. At Q Roasters we are dedicated to the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the coffee trade and already work with organic producers and FairTrade accreditation. Now, more than ever, Q Roasters are proud to have received Rainforest Alliance (RFA) agreement and to promote RFA coffee for the benefits it brings to communities. We are proud to have the RFA’s Green Frog stamp of approval.

 About our FINCA (RFA) coffee blend

Finca is the Spanish word for farm and the base coffee used in our FINCA blend comes from Finca Kassandra in Mexico, as well as other Fincas in Brazil, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

 Finca Kassandra invested heavily in sustainable agricultural practices such as recycling waste-water from the fermentation process. As owner Gabriel says “We chose to align ourselves with RFA because it just made sense. We felt that there is a greater transparency and traceability with RFA as well as it also promotes sustainable agriculture and protection of the rainforest”.

 The Q Roasters Finca blend has rich flavours of plum, raisin and chocolate with a sweet citrus like acidity that is elegantly smooth and bold. Shop now

Drop into Q Roasters at 44 Wolverhampton St, Stafford and chat to our friendly staff to find a blend that’s right for you.

If you’re looking to support rainforest conservation projects head to: https://www.rainforest-alliance.org


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