What is Single Origin Microlot coffee?

What is Single Origin Microlot coffee?

This week we are very excited because we have a limited supply of Congo Kawa Kanzururu Single Origin Microlot coffee. It produces a bright bold coffee with exceptional character and lingering syrup finish. 

So what's the story behind the name and what makes it so special?

Firstly, the term Single Origin is often misunderstood with no rules as to how it is applied. It can loosely apply to a single geographic region (sourced from multiple farms), from the same country (again multiple farms) or from a single farm. 

Secondly there is this term Microlot. Have you ever noticed in your garden that some plants thrive in a certain area? The soil PH, water supply, drainage all working together to create the perfect environment for plants to grow. It is similar in coffee plantations. Across the whole plantation some areas do better than others. The farmer hones in on these high yield, high quality areas and gives them special attention. The resulting product is then available in small supply and sold to discerning buyers.

Q Roasters are committed to sustainable espresso that is good for people and planet. In addition to our organic, Rainforest  Alliance and Fair Trade blends, we specialise in Single Origin and Microlot because of the transparency of production this limited edition product delivers. 

Supply of our Single Origin changes all the time so keep an eye out in store or via our social channels and catch it whilst you can.

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