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Monday - Friday: 6am - 5pm/ Saturday: 6am - 12pm

Single Origin:

Papua New Guinea

Kinjibi Estate

Cupping Notes

Premium cocoa nibs, walnut, brown sugard, bit of citrus plustomato puree.

AeroPress Clear Coffee Maker
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AeroPress Clear Coffee Maker

Aero Press Clear

Brewing with the AeroPress Clear is a breeze.

  • Simply insert a filter in the Filter Cap and rinse it with hot water.
  • Add your preferred amount of medium-ground coffee (around 17g for optimal results),
  • Fill the chamber with hot water, give it a gentle stir.
  • Press the plunger to extract the flavours.

The result? A delightful cup of coffee that's ready to be enjoyed. With the Aerobie Aeropress Clear Coffee Maker, there's no need to compromise on the quality of your coffee, no matter where you find yourself. Experience the convenience, versatility, and exceptional taste that this brewing device brings to your daily coffee routine.

AeroPress Clear Coffee Maker Features

Fast and Convenient – The Aero press is its quick brewing time. With just a few simple steps, you can brew a delicious cup of coffee in under a minute.

Smooth and Flavorful Coffee – Designed to extract the full flavours and nuances of your coffee grounds with minimal bitterness or acidity. 

Portable and Durable – Lightweight and durable materials, making it highly portable for travel, camping, or any on-the-go adventures. It's compact and robust.

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