Top cold treats to beat the heat this Summer

Top cold treats to beat the heat this Summer

It is Spring time in Brisbane and already temperatures are soaring and many of our customers come in seeking a little bit of cool inspiration. If you're feeling the heat a little, or you simply want an alternative to coffee, you might like some of these ideas.

Cold drip served with or without milk

We specialise in Single Origin Coffee and this week we've been serving Rainforest Alliance Finca Kassandra from Mexico. Cold drip gives a fresh clean taste on the palate so it's sweet enough to drink straight or with milk. You can do this at home with our Cold Bruer to make your own cold drip at home. Using the cold drip process you can keep the coffee in the fridge for up to seven days.

Forest Berry Ice Tea


 At Q Roasters we do more than just sustainable coffee. We stock the full range of organic Premium Earth Teas where every cup makes a difference with their T4Change program in Sri-Lanka. We use their Forest Berry Origin Tea to make a delicious in-house iced tea that will brighten your day.

Goodness Syrup Spritzer


Using FairTrade ingredients and natural flavours and colours, The Goodness syrups are perfect for spicing up coffee and hot milk or for using as toppings for desserts. We love making an icy cold spritzer using a combination of the Pomegranate, Lavender, Manuka Ginger & Lemon. It's an absolute Summer delight.

 How you use The Goodness is completely up to you, but know that every time you do money is funnelled back to FairTrade growers as far away as South America and Central Africa. 


Come and have a coffee with us, Monday to Saturday in Stafford and we would be happy to give you some more cold beverage inspiration.

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