Can you match coffee with cheese?

Can you match coffee with cheese?

Just like fine wine, not all coffees are equal. Each has its own flavour profile that is influenced by where it has come from, how it has been roasted, ground and finally prepared. For coffee lovers who like to experiment, swapping your daily espresso for a cold press may open up a whole new world of flavour. 

In partnership with our neighbours at The Cheeseboard, Q Roasters are hosting a Coffee and Cheese Appreciation Workshop to give a broader perspective of how you can enjoy your daily brew. Featuring our  Rain Forrest Alliance Finca Kassandra single origin bean, our master roaster Lachlan will explain three different preparation methods that you can try at home. Each method produces a different flavour profile and will be expertly paired with artisan cheeses for a true taste sensation. Each style of coffee will be paired with a cheese, presented by Wendy, affineur and cheesemonger of The Cheeseboard.

Classic Espresso

We all now what to expect from the traditional espresso method. Produced under high pressure, the result is intense flavour with a signature crema. But what difference does it make using a single origin bean? Strong coffee calls for a strong cheese that has a nutty flavour to cut through the coffee.


Visually elegant, the Chemex uses a filtering method that produces a bright and clear flavour profile as opposed to a thick and heavy product that you might equate with a traditional cafe press. This calls for a more creamy style of cheese that plays nicely with the straight forward coffee profile.

12 Hour Cold-press

As the name suggests this method takes time - but the wait is worth it. Cold-press is often described as clean. The gentle extraction process brings out the best of the bean and the resulting sweet flavours marries well with a delicate goat's cheese.

Tickets for the workshop are on sale now and profits from this event will be donated to local dairy farmers to help purchase feed for their animals.

Venue: Q Roasters, 44 Wolverhampton St, Stafford:

Time: Saturday 26 October 11am - 12pm

Cost: $40




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